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 WHITE  C-13 to OPEN 10A 250V (208V) Power Cords according to IEC 60320. The OPEN end is prepared with a 2-inch ROJ (remove outer jacket) and 0.25-inch strip. Cordage is 18awg-3c SJT(OW). Rating is 10 amps 250 volts. Cords are UL cUL RoHS.

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InchesFeetMetersCatalog NumberPlugConnectorConductorRating Amps/VoltsJacket Color
1210.310013-F-012-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
181.50.460013-F-018-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
2420.610013-F-024-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
302.50.760013-F-030-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
3630.910013-F-036-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
4841.220013-F-048-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
6051.50013-F-060-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
7261.830013-F-072-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
8472.130013-F-084-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
9682.440013-F-096-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
10892.740013-F-108-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
120103.050013-F-120-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
144123.660013-F-144-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
180154.570013-F-180-WHTOPENC1318awg-3c10A 250VWhite
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