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 RED  C-20 to C-21 20A 250V Power Cords according to IEC 60320..  Available in 16 and 20 amp and black, white, blue and red colors.

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InchesFeetMetersCatalog NumberPlugConnectorConductorRating Amps/VoltsJacket Color
2420.612021-J-024-REDC20C2112awg-3c20A 250VRed
3630.912021-J-036-REDC20C2112awg-3c20A 250VRed
4841.222021-J-048-REDC20C2112awg-3c20A 250VRed
6051.52021-J-060-REDC20C2112awg-3c20A 250VRed
7261.832021-J-072-REDC20C2112awg-3c20A 250VRed
120103.052021-J-120-REDC20C2112awg-3c20A 250VRed
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