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 BLACK  C14 to C13 15 amps 250 volts (C13 C14 15A 208V) Power Supply Cords according to IEC 60320 (IEC320). SJT(OW) and 14awg-3c. Use color cords for color coding your installation. Use RIGHT LENGTH cords to minimze power loss, maximize savings, and maximize the efficiency of your installation.

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InchesFeetMetersCatalog NumberPlugConnectorConductorRating Amps/VoltsJacket Color
1210.31413-H-012C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
181.50.461413-H-018C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
2420.611413-H-024C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
302.50.761413-H-030C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
3630.911413-H-036C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
423.51.071413-H-042C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
4841.221413-H-048C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
6051.521413-H-060C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
7261.831413-H-072C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
8472.131413-H-084C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
9682.441413-H-096C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
10892.741413-H-108C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
120103.051413-H-120C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
144123.661413-H-144C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
19616.351413-H-196C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
300257.621413-H-300C14C1314awg-3c15A 250VBlack
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